14″ or 17″ Teddy Bear – New/ Memory Keepsake/ Uniform Bear/Other Animals

New Fleece or Polycotton  – wide selection fabric available or memory items provided including

Name/Date of Birth embroidered on foot pads/ears                                                           £27.50

24″ Teddy Bear – New/Memory Keepsake Bear

New Fleece or Polycotton – wide selection fabric available or memory items provided including

Name/Date of Birth embroidered on foot pads/ears                                                           £35.00


100cm x 100cm   – New Polycotton/cotton fabrics – large selection of colours                       £45.00

Keepsake/Memory Quilts 100cm x100cm – (suggest approx 25 items of baby clothing)         £60.00

             I am happy to make larger Memory or T shirt quilts approx  £50.00 per additional sq.m please contact me

Name/Date of Birth can be embroidered or appliqued at an additional cost  of                       £5.00

               Appliques on 10 squares, additional                                                                                       £10.00

Christmas Stocking

   Fleece fabric 24″, with polycotton lining  – choose name and colour                                       £12.50


12 double sided sewn flags (6 plain and 6 appliqued) -Choice of colour/text                          £12.00

  Mr and Mrs – Hessian bunting                                                                                                   £8.00

Mr and Mrs Surname – Hessian Bunting at £1 per letter

               Choose your own message bunting £1 per letter, £0.50p plain

    Merry Christmas Bunting – see Gallery for colourways or email me for options                      £18.00

Additional flags can be added £1.00 per letter, £0.50p per plain

Postage and packing

Bears and Quilts  @ £4.99

Bunting £1.00 @ set

All of the above items are available to order, and will usually take less than 2-3 weeks to make providing I have your fabric colour choice(s) in stock.  If I have to order the fabric then the order time may be a little longer but I will let you know when you place your order.

Most fabrics are suitable as I use an iron-on stabiliser, but hand knitted items are not really practical.  Baby grows and cotton/denim items are ideal. I select the motifs/items of interest like collar/cuffs/pockets etc that provide a variety of colour/texture to maximise your memories and pleasure.  I love making things and I want you to be thrilled with the result so during the process I will message you with options where appropriate.


Quilts – I usually ask for a selection of at least 25 items of clothing to make a 100cm x 100cm quilt but all unused items are return with the quilt, so the more items you can send me, the wider the variety of colour etc.  Don’t worry If you don’t have so many items saved, I can work with less and work out a pattern using whatever items you send me.

Memory Bears

I can use just one 3-6 month babygro if it has particular sentimental value, but i usually suggest a minimum of 3 or 4 (5/6 x first size or newborns) to add variety to the bear.