These delightful bears can be made from your own beloved clothing that has been outgrown, or is no longer worn, and yet you maybe can’t bear to part with.    From the selection that you send, I choose and incorporate little motifs, collars,  or cuffs etc to make your teddy bear totally unique and full of little memories, and where possible I like to add little extras, like a bow tie, little bag, hair band etc from the pockets or ruffles etc and return all unused items.  It may be that the first babygrow that your baby wore is off particular sentimental value, in which case I can make your bear out of just one 0-3 month babygrow, but I suggest a minimum of 3/4 (5/6 first or newborn size), but am happy to use as many items as you like and have shown a few examples below, to give you an idea of how many baby grows to send. I always return unused items of clothing.

kindle-july-2016-089This little chap was made out of just one 0-3 babygrow.

img_0289This cheeky his’n’hers pair were made out of four items each.  The woolly jumper worked particularly well for her head and paws.

kindle-2-058This snazzy young lady was made out of 9 different babygrows.

kindle-photos-105This little trio of fun were all made from the same four babygrows, see how different they can look – ideal gift idea for the grandparents too!  I can offer a discount when same clothing items are used for more than one bear/product.

I don’t just use baby clothes, grown up’s clothing works just as well for my memory bears and are a really thoughtful way to remember those we have loved and will always remember. Also this nurse’s uniform became an ideal retirement present for a wonderful lady who had worked in the local hospital childrens ward for many years.

Whilst this little darling below has two personalities as her hat is removable.











Each bear is totally individual, and where possible i add little extra touches like this little bag, or her hair band out of the pretty buttons, or a tutu, or hair accessory,